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What's New in the 2010 Blue Book
One of the most popular publications available through Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development is the Crop Protection Book, also known as the Blue Book. This publication is updated annually and provides producers with the most recent information on pesticide products. Updates for herbicides, fungicides and insecticides have been recently completed for the 2010 version of the Blue Book.  Details from Agri-News >

2010 AgriStability Enrolment/Fee Notices
2010 AgriStability Enrolment/Fee Notices have recently been mailed to producers. If you did not receive your 2010 Fee Notice and wish to be enrolled in AgriStability for the 2010 Program Year it is important to contact AFSC at 1-877-899-AFSC (2372) prior to April 30, 2010.  Details >

Wild Mushroom Panini
This week's recipe comes to us from Canola Info and features a quick and easy lunch recipe for Wild Mushroom Panini.  Recipe >







Alberta Export Catalogue
Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development's International Marketing Team is creating an Alberta Export Catalogue to promote Alberta agriculture, food products and services internationally. This marketing tool will be sent to hundreds of qualified brokers, retailers, distributors and foodservice buyers in various markets - in both hard copy and electronically.  Learn more >

Stewardship of Conservation Lands
Alberta Land Trust Alliance's (ALTA) 2010 workshop Stewardship of Conservation Lands is being held in Red Deer on April 14, 2010. The workshop, focusing on the stewardship of conservation lands and differentiate between what should be done on conservation easement properties and what should be done on lands that are owned.  Learn more >

Rhodiola rosea: A High Value Crop
Rhodiola rosea is a perennial plant found in cool temperate and sub-arctic areas of the northern hemisphere. It is commonly referred to as golden root, arctic root or rose root. The common name rose root refers to the roots having the scent of rose petals, and the term golden root suggests the plant’s perceived value. A new publication titled, Rhodiola rosea: A High Value Crop, in now available from Alberta Agriculture. Ask for Agdex 188/20-2.  Details >

Visit ARD staff at the Northlands Farm and Ranch Show 2010
Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) staff is gearing up for the Northlands Farm and Ranch Show 2010. This year Alberta Agriculture booth will feature Traceability, Growing Forward and Alberta Agriculture’s website, Ropin’ the Web.

   Show details >

2010 Information Catalogue Hot Off the Presses
The 2010 Information Catalogue is hot off the presses. To get a copy of the 2010 Information Catalogue, phone 1-800-292-5697, or send them an e-mail. Ken Blackley, information officer with Alberta Agriculture, talked about the new Catalogue on Call of the Land.  Radio interview >

Alberta Farmers’ Market Association Rewards Excellence
Without question, farmers’ markets are becoming big business in Alberta. With over 100 approved farmers’ markets and close to 3000 vendors across the province, Alberta’s farmers’ markets are part of the charge leading the local food movement in Alberta. The Alternative Agriculture Markets in Alberta study released by Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development in 2009 showed that farmers’ market direct sales have jumped 30 per cent in just a few years – helping push total sales across Canada to over $1 billion.  Article by Eileen Kotowich >

The Power of Mentorships
This past fall, ten agri-businesses in the Edmonton, Peace and North East regions of Alberta had the opportunity to be mentored by award winning agri-marketing professional Jane Eckert. Sue and Larry King of Harmony’s Way Farm and Heather Porrill of Star Bright Farm were two of the local agri-businesses that signed up for the mentorship program.  Find out what the Alberta business' learned from Jane >

Jobs In Agriculture

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development is still looking for an Assistant Chief Provincian Veterinarian and a Veterinary Epidemiologist. Both positions will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.


Considerations when Growing Lentils
Lentil prices have been high, which has prompted more producers to consider lentil production this year. Adding lentil to a crop rotation has a number of benefits, including breaking the disease cycles of traditional crops, introducing an alternative rooting system to the soil, decreasing nitrogen fertilizer requirements, and providing a different market opportunity. However, Neil Whatley, crop specialist at the Ag-Info Centre, says first-time lentil producers should use caution as this crop as unique characteristics.  Radio interview >

New Triticale Varieties
Don Salmon, a plant breeder, primarily with triticale and winter wheat, at the Field Crop Development Centre in Lacombe talked about two new triticale varieties on Call of the Land.  Radio interview >


Grazing Conference
PowerFlex Fencing, the Acme Grazing School, Foothills Forage & Grazing Association (FFGA) and the Grey Wooded Forage Association (GWFA) are sponsoring the PowerFlex Canadian Grazing Conference at three locations in Alberta in April.  Upcoming dates and locations >

Successful Cattle Auction for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank
This week’s cattle auction for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank was a huge success. Larry Henderson, one of the committee members, had the details on Call of the Land.  Radio interview >

What's the Score? Body Condition Scoring for Horses
Ensure your horse is in good health and performing at its peak by knowing how to accurately assess the body condition score of any horse. Horse expert Les Burwash tells you how to body condition score horses. With the help of 3D animations, you will be able to accurately assess the condition of your horse.  How to order DVD >


FIRE!!! Are You Prepared?
Fire is FAST! In less than 30 seconds a small flame can get completely out of control and turn into a major fire. It takes only minutes for a house to fill with thick black smoke and become engulfed in flames.  To manage fire risk, find out what every home should have. >

Caution Required When Working Around Oil and Gas Facilities
The agricultural industry is vital to Alberta's economy and farm safety is important to all. To protect everyone involved, extra attention is required when farming around oil and gas facilities, the same as when working around power lines. A release from a well or pipeline has the potential to seriously damage property, equipment, the environment, and put the public at risk.  More info >

Farm Family Fire Safety
When practicing fire escape routes, try to think of all safety contingencies. Sleeping with bedroom doors closed will keep deadly heat and smoke out of bedrooms, giving you additional time to escape. If someone in the family is a very deep sleeper, difficult to wake up, it might be a good idea to keep a whistle in each bedroom. The shrill sound may be needed to alert them and others if smoke is very thick and you cannot get to their room.  Learn more >

Green from the Ground Up
"Alberta has an excellent array of feedstocks, both in the agriculture and forestry industries, which are the building blocks for a wide range of biomaterials," says Patti Breland, project coordinator, Bio-Industrial Development branch, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. "To learn more about the economic opportunities in biomaterials, close to 100 people attended the Green from the Ground Up - Biomaterials Mini-Conference Series held in Edmonton and Calgary in January and February 2010. Participants discovered how companies and communities can use biomass to green their businesses."  Learn more >

Alberta's Sustainable Agriculture Apprenticeship Program
Becky Lipton, founder and coordinator,of the Alberta Sustainable Agriculture Apprenticeship Program explained how the program works recently on Call of the Land.  Radio interview >

South Saskatchewan River Basin in Alberta Water Supply Study
In Alberta, water from the South Saskatchewan River and its tributaries is used for household purposes, industry and commercial uses, power generation, and agriculture. As demand for water continues to increase due to economic and population growth, Alberta recognizes that future water use must be considered in light of a limited water supply. Concerns about heightened competition for water, current and future water supply and demands, and constraints on water use led to the commissioning of the science-based report, the South Saskatchewan River Basin in Alberta: Water Supply Study.  Learn more >

Rural Development

Operation Clean Sweep
2010 is the 44th annual PITCH-IN CANADA WEEK. The campaign's theme is: OPERATION: Clean Sweep. The program is the largest environmental improvement Campaign in Canada. It is a Partnership between governments, the media, industry and the public.  Learn more >

4-H Ambassador Training
Ambassadors are Senior 4-H Members' aged 15-20 who have demonstrated the markings of a leader. Ambassadors represent the epitome of 4-H with their willingness to participate, the articulation with which they speak and the knowledge that they impart. Ambassadors' impeccable behaviour, dedication and enthusiasm are evident at the Regional and Provincial events where they volunteer.  Learn more about the Ambassador Training weekend, May 7 to 9. >

Young Farm Workers Training Workshop
Plan to attend the Young Farm Workers Training Workshop on Thursday, April 29, 2010 to be held at Olds College. Sessions include Farm Hazard Assessment to Tractor Safety & Bale Handling.The workshop also helps you qualify for the safety component of Green Certificate Training.  Learn more >


Average Monthly Prices for February 2010
All agricultural inputs were reported to be in good supply for the month of February 2010 with the exception of general farm labour and good quality hay in some areas of the province. The prices reported are simple averages for the province in Canadian Dollars ($), and are based on a survey conducted in the first week of each month.  Prices >

January 1, 2010 Livestock Inventory Estimates
On February 16, Statistics Canada released the January 1, 2010 inventory estimates for cattle, pigs, and sheep on farms in Alberta and other Canadian provinces. This issue focuses primarily on the Alberta estimates, which were jointly prepared by Statistics Canada and the Statistics and Data Development Branch of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.

The latest estimates show Alberta’s total cattle and calf inventory at 5.15 million head, 4.3 per cent below a year ago. The provincial pig herd contracted 5.3 per cent to 1.51 million head, while the sheep and lamb flock remained flat at 127,000 head.  Read all the numbers >

Monday, March 29, 2010

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Coming Events

Spring Canola Grower Meeting
Lloydminster, March 31. Details.

Northlands Farm & Ranch Show
Edmonton, April 8 - 10. Details.

Peace Region Manufacturers' Association (PeRMA) Organization Meeting
Fairview, April 8. Details.

There's a Heifer in Your Tank - Lacombe Edition
Lacombe, April 9. Details.

Horse Hauling Clinic
Gibbons, April 10. Details.

2010 Feedlot Movement Information Days
Red Deer, April 12. Details.

Enviromental Farm Plan Workshop
Rycroft, April 14. Details.

Cows, Creeks and Communities
Caroline, April 21. Details.

The Mane Event - Equine Education & Trade Fair
Red Deer, April 23 - 25. Details.

2010 Swine Breeding Management Workshop
Edmonton, April 29 - 30. Details.

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