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Crop Reports Available Bi-weekly Starting May 11
Starting later this week, Alberta’s agriculture industry will have bi-weekly access to information related to the crop production year, including soil moisture and crop conditions. The 2010 crop report schedule includes 12 bi-weekly reports to be released between May and October, as well as a Crop Season in Review report in March 2011. These reports will capture valuable information related to crop production in Alberta during the growing season. For more information   click here. >

Delayed Seeding -- What to Seed When
Snow across much of the province has delayed seeding for many producers. The question for some now is, what should I seed first? Ross McKenzie, agronomy research scientist with Alberta Agriculture in Lethbridge gave his recommendations recently on Call of the Land.  Radio interview >

Rustic Alberta Lamb Rigatoni
This week's recipe comes to us from Alberta Lamb,  a natural, nutritious, versatile and delicious meat that can be prepared in a variety of ways. Cooked lean lamb is low in calories yet rich in iron, zinc and B vitamins.  Recipe >

Pest Corner

Diamondback Moth Traps Go Out this Week
It may seem a bit strange to be talking about insects, given the snow that blanketed much of the province. This week starts the weekly look at the pest situation with Scott Meers, insect management specialist with Alberta Agriculture. In these radio spots, we'll be looking the current pest situations, along with the seven major pests—diamondback moth, bertha armyworm, pea leaf weevil, grasshopper, wheat stem sawfly, wheat midge, and cabbage seedpod weevil.  Radio interview >

2010 Bertha Armyworm Forecast
Bertha armyworm populations are normally kept in check by such factors as weather and natural enemies. Generally parasitism rates of 50 to 60 per cent in Bertha larval populations have indicated the end of a local outbreak. Cumulative moth counts in traps during June and July of 2010 help determine the level of risk for August.  Details >

Pea Leaf Weevil in Southern Alberta
It appears the pea leaf weevil has made an appearance in southern Alberta. Ken Coles from the Southern Applied Research Association has seen signs of pea leaf weevil feeding this spring. Scott Meers, insect management specialist with Alberta Agriculture, has some advice when it comes to scouting for damage.  Details >







AVAC Ltd. Ready to Help Early-Stage Ag-based Companies
"AVAC Ltd. is a private, not-for-profit company that invests strategically in promising early-stage commercial businesses focusing on the expansionof Alberta’s value-added agri-businesses, information and communications technologies (ICT), life sciences, and other industrial technology sectors," says Ross Bricker, president and CEO of AVAC Ltd. Fledgling Alberta companies are encouraged to visit the AVAC website and find out more about this investment company, or call AVAC directly and see if there is an investment program that fits their business idea.  Read more. >

Latest Market News

From the US Agri-Food News to International Developments in Farm Animal Welfare, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development's International Relations and Marketing Branch offers the latest information in market news.

   Latest updates >

Jobs In Agriculture

Agricultural Water Engineer
Alberta Agriculture is looking to fill a full-time position for an agricultural water engineer in Fairview, Grande Prairie and the Peace River area.  Click here for details. > 

Agricultural Products Marketing Council Member
A Council Member position is open on the Agricultural Products Marketing Council. The council supports the establishment and operation of agricultural marketing boards and commissions, and advises the Minister on related matters.  Click here for information on this position. >


Seeding Canola, How Fast is Too Fast?
When it’s time to get canola seed into the ground, remember that seeding too fast can reduce emergence and ultimately reduce crop yield and quality. A number of factors such as soil type, soil moisture, opener design, the crop being seeded, and crop residue must be taken into consideration when seeding a field.  Read more. >

May Hort Snacks
Each month, the e-newsletter Hort Snacks includes an update on what’s happening in commercial horticulture in the province as well as current information and advice on growing horticulture crops. In the May issue of Hort Snacks, Robert Spencer, commercial horticulture specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, talks about moisture conditions and gives a run-down about what’s happening in the industry right now.  Click here to view the May issue. >

Fertility for Annual Pastures
Some producers may be looking at seeding annual pastures this spring, to give their perennial pastures a rest and a chance to recover from last year’s dry conditions. Seeding annuals must be done as early as possible, as they require about six weeks to grow before they are ready to graze. And, seeding a mixture of spring and winter cereals may be the best of both worlds. Stephanie Kosinski, forage specialist at the Ag-Info Centre, says fertility is another key consideration, and as with other crops, soil tests are key.  COTL Interview >

Malting Barley Contract Checklist
Farmers can now download a malting barley contract checklist from the Canadian Wheat Board's website. The checklist helps farmers ensure they protect their own interests before signing a contract. Lorelle Selinger, Wheat Board barley marketing manager, says when farmers enter contracts, it's essential they are aware of exactly what they are signing.  COTL radio interview >

Custom Rates 2010 - Haying and Silage
This annual survey of custom rates, rental rates and the new cost of farm machinery provides details prices and information for farmers and custom operators.  Learn more >

Effects of Cold and Snow on Germinated or Emerged Crops
Some farmers in southern Alberta were able to get the jump on seeding in early April. Recent snow and cold weather have them wondering how their crops that have either germinated or emerged will be affected and if reseeding will be necessary. Ross McKenzie, agronomy research scientist with Alberta Agriculture in Lethbridge gives some advice to producers on Call of the Land.  COTL radio interview >


Alberta to Analyze Cost-Benefits of Additional BSE Testing in Cattle
An agriculture-based think-tank will do an analysis of whether the cost of conducting client-driven optional BSE testing in animals before or after slaughter would be beneficial in the marketplace. The work, being done by the George Morris Centre, will help to determine whether pre- or post-slaughter testing would allow Canadian products access to export markets that are currently not available, potentially creating a greater demand for Canadian beef.   Read more. >

Creep Feeding - Does it Cost? Does it Pay?
It is taking longer for pastures to green up and have sufficient growth to support grazing this spring. "It will be important to optimize forage use when the cows and calves are on pasture this summer," says Barry Yaremcio, beef and forage specialist, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. Creep feeding is one option that deserves consideration.  Read more. >

Grazing Keeps the Cow/Calf Producers in Business
While it may be possible to be in the grazing business without being in the cow/calf business – you cannot afford to be in the cow/calf business without being a skilful grazier. Strategic grazing planning and management are key to reducing cow/calf operation long term costs per unit produced . . . both per pound of calf weaned and per pound of grazing. Feeding days tend to be more expensive than grazing days, so the switch to a greater grazing focus reduces herd costs, too.  Read more. >

Sustainable Grazing Mentorship Program
The Sustainable Grazing Mentorship Program (SGMP) assists producers improve the sustainability of their forage operations. Mentors in this program are respected producers peers with extensive grazing management experience and knowledge who will work directly with individuals to develop a grazing plan and suggest management options to improve profits, forage productivity and land and water resources.  Click here for costs and contacts. >

Rural Development

OYF Memorial Scholarship
Just a quick reminder that if you know someone either entering or already in college or university, pursuing a degree or diploma in agriculture, please pass this information onto them about the OYF Memorial Scholarship. Deadline to apply is June 30.  Details >

Dine Alberta 2010 Feature Producer
Ravenwood Farm Fresh Meats is owned and operated by Mark and Tamara Taylor and Dayle and Alice Murray of Caroline, Alberta. The family operates a natural ranch on a half-section of land bordering the Raven River six km east of Caroline. Ravenwood’s agricultural philosophy is based on producing food in a way that is humane, natural, local and safe.  Article >

Alberta Beef Producers' 4-H Kids Contest
What does Alberta Beef Producers mean to you? If you are an Alberta resident between the ages of eight and 21, and are involved in Beef 4-H, junior cattle shows or beef production – this is your opportunity to win one of three prizes of 1st Place - $1,500, 2nd Place - $1,000, or 3rd Place - $500.  Details >

4-H Summer Program Deadline May 14
Are you ready for a summer ‘All Fired Up’ with exciting programs? With an overall Fire theme, planning for the 4-H Summer Programs is well underway. Long summer days of 4-H, friends and fun are in store; all that’s missing is YOU!  More info >

Monday, May 10, 2010

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Coming Events

Strathcona Country Classic
Josephburg, May 29 - June 1, 2010  Details >

Stewards in Motion VIII: Science to Solutions
Sylvan Lake, June 3.  Details >

Alberta Farm Writers' Association 2010 Summer Tour
Calgary, June 3-4.  Details >

All Breed Horse Show
Valleyview, June 4 - 6, 2010  Details >

ABP Semi-Annual Meeting
Edmonton, June 7 -9, 2010  Details >

Calgary, June 14 - 16, 2010  Details >

Advanced Seeding Technology Demo
Lethbridge, June 23, 2010  Details >

57th Beaverlodge Beekeepers Field Day
Beaverlodge, June 25, 2010  Details >

AACA Co-operative Youth Program 2010
Nordegg, July 2 - Aug 1, 2010  Details >

2010 Water Measurement Workshop
Lethbridge, July 14 - 15, 2010  Details >

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