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Get Real Time Weather Data
Subscribe to Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development's RSS feed and receive and update live quality controlled data feeds from more than 270 stations with hourly and daily weather data from a wide variety of elements like precipitation, temperature, humidity, solar radition, wind speed, soil moisture and soil temperature. More helpful weather data maps are available by clicking on this link.  RSS Data Feeds >

September 30 AgriStability Deadline
September 30, 2010, is the deadline for filing the 2009 tax and supplementary forms without a penalty for the AgriStability program. “You can also send them after September 30, but there will be a penalty of $500 per month,” says Norm Gueutal, field analyst, Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC), Vermilion. “We’ll be accepting these forms up to December 31, 2010.”  More info >

Thick-Crusted Garlic Prime Rib
Slivers of garlic infuse the meat with rich, garlicky flavour while slow-roasting delivers delicious restaurant-style roast beef. Thanks to the Alberta Beef Producers for this week's recipe.  Recipe >







September Food News
Food News is published monthly by the Rural Extension and Industry Development Division.  This month's issue features information on the upcoming workshops for Value Chains and Leadership Learning.  Read more >

Upcoming CAMA Luncheon at AdFarm
Alberta CAMA is pleased to invite you and your colleagues to attend a Luncheon on Wednesday, September 29 at the AdFarm office in Calgary. The luncheon speaker is Patrick Kennedy, one of the principals in Kennedy Communication Services Ltd. Patrick’s company has provided the management for Agri-Trade in Red Deer, the largest farming and agriculture trade show in Canada.  More info >

Western Canadian Grazing Conference
The Western Canadian Grazing conference is still a ways down the road, but it’s not too early to think about attending. Not only has the conference changed venue to Vermilion, but it also has a new format. Stephanie Kosinski, who’s on the organizing committee, has some of the details of this year’s conference in this  Call of the Land radio interview. >

Jobs In Agriculture

Food Safety Surveillance Scientist Position
Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development is looking for Food Safety Surveillance Scientist to work fulltime in Edmonton. The position will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.  Job posting  



Fall Cash Advances Provide Cash Flow and Marketing Flexibility

The Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA) is now accepting applications for the 2010 fall cash advance program. "The Post Harvest Advance Payment Program provides farmers with a cost-effective source of cash flow to cover fall expenses," says Rick White, General Manager of the CCGA.

 More details >

Post-harvest Perennial Weed Control
A post-harvest glyphosate application can be an effective management tool for controlling perennial weeds. “Late summer and fall is a very good time for controlling perennial weeds such as Canada thistle, quackgrass and dandelion,” says Mark Cutts, crop specialist, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Stettler. “At this time of the year perennial weeds are preparing for winter by putting energy reserves into their root systems. A fall application of a glyphosate product results in the herbicide being moved down into the root system and generally provides very good control of these weeds.”  More from Agri-News >

Fall Cash Advance Applications Accepted
The Canadian Canola Growers Association is now accepting applications for the 2010 fall cash advance program. General Manager Rick White says the Post Harvest Advance Payment Program provides farmers with a cost-effective source of cash flow to cover fall expenses.  Full story >

Crop Conditions as of September 9, 2010
Unsettled weather conditions over the past two weeks, with a combination of cool temperatures and frequent rain, have further delayed maturity, and thus harvesting, of most crops. Several hailstorms have also been reported across the province, with damage varying from moderate in the Southern Region, to severe in the North East, North West and Peace Regions.  Full crop report >

Crops Most at Risk of Nitrate Accumulation
Frost is on the minds of many producers this week, specifically what to do with various crops. On yesterday’s program we looked at whether or not to swath canola before the frost, and when to cut green feed. The issue with green feed is nitrate accumulation. Barry Yaremcio, beef and forage specialist at the Ag Info Centre, discusses what crops are at greatest risk of nitrates.  Learn more >

When to Swath Canola if you Haven't had Frost
If you're still lucky enough to not have frost on your canola, John Mayko, senior agronomy specialist with the Canola Council of Canada spoke with Caitlynn Reesor and Call of the Land on swathing canola.  COTL Radio interview >


Biosecurity Key to Preventing Foot and Mouth Outbreaks
The recent outbreaks of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in South Korea, Japan, mainland China and Vietnam, serve as a reminder of the need to be very careful when hosting visitors from countries affected with FMD, and when planning travel to the affected countries themselves. It is important to be especially vigilant about biosecurity. “FMD is a highly contagious disease of cloven-hoofed animals that can be easily carried back to Canada on our clothing, footwear or equipment,” says Dr. Gerald Hauer, Chief Provincial Veterinarian, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.  More details >

Advanced Agronomy Conference
The Advanced Agronomy Conference takes place November 24 - 25, 2010, at the Executive Royal Inn in Leduc. The conference is aimed at crop advisers, farmers, industry partners, and anyone interested in learning the latest crop production ideas and techniques. Learn what it takes to be the Guinness World Record holder for wheat yield, find out how Australian farmers are getting the most out of their challenging soils, and learn about the latest research in Western Canada and on Alberta farms.  Registration details >

CCIA Launches New Resource Centre
The Canadian Cattle Identification Agency has launched its new Canadian Livestock Tracking System Resource Centre, which provides one convenient location for all user information.  More info >

Bison Awards
The Bison Producers of Alberta currently are accepting applications for the Myrt Lenton Award and Liliane Kot Memorial Schoarship.  More details >

Testing for Nitrates in Feed
It is critical to know when to cut green feed in order to avoid nitrate accumulation and what crops are at most risk of nitrates. Barry Yaremcio, beef and forage specialist at the Ag-Info Centre, discusses how to test feed for nitrates.  COTL Radio interview >


Calculating the Application Rate of a Manure Applicator and Why
Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development has a new factsheet, Calculating the Application Rate of a Manure Applicator and Why.  The factsheet contains information on how manure, a natural by-product of livestock opera­tions, can be an asset.  Click here to view the new factsheet >

Nutrient Beneficial Management Practices Evaluation Project
A six-year-long study into best management practices (BMP) has passed the halfway point. “This is the fourth year of a six-year scientific evaluation of BMP in two Alberta watersheds,” says Barry Olson, soil and water research scientist, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Lethbridge. “Whelp Creek, near Lacombe in central Alberta, and Indianfarm Creek near Pincher Creek in southern Alberta, were chosen for their diversity of farming operations, landscape, climate and location.”  More info >

Purchasing Land with Energy Development
When purchasing land with energy development there are many considerations in determining whether this property is for you or not. Carol Goodfellow, assistant farmers’ advocate, land and energy, says one of the primary considerations should be whether the property is conducive to proposed operations and future development plans.  Radio interview >

Calculating the Application Rate of a Manure Applicator
Manure, a natural by-product of livestock opera­tions, can be either an asset or liability. If applied to soil at proper rates, manure is an asset. Manure can en­hance soil tilth by improving structure and biological activity, increasing aeration, organic material and water-holding capacity and reducing soil erosion. The improper application of manure can cause problems.  Learn more >

Rural Development

Alberta government Supports Rural Community Initiatives
The Alberta government continues to support projects that focus on innovation, economic expansion and local entrepreneurship in several rural communities across the province. Approximately $2.3 million in funding is being provided through the Rural Community Adaptation Grant Program.  Program details >

Education and encouragement: Cornerstones of Stampede’s 4-H Rodeo
Rodeo rapport. Lindsay Miller felt it at the age of 10 during her very first spin round the infield dirt at a 4-H affair in Hanna, Alta., and she makes sure it’s an essential part of the curriculum every time the Calgary Stampede Invitational 4-H Rodeo comes around.  Article >

$30 Million Available to Rural Communities

Rural Alberta’s Development Fund (RADF) announced today it is accepting applications for program funding again. The company will distribute the balance of its funds (approximately $30M) over the next 18 months to satisfy its mandate.

 News release >


ARECA takes Precision Tools to the Farm
In 2009 the Agriculture Research and Extension Council of Alberta (ARECA), six of their Associations and 14 farm co-operators throughout Alberta began a 3 year study on “Precision Tools for On Farm Research” funded by ACIDF, Alberta Pulse Growers, Alberta Canola Producers Commission and Novozymes. ARECA and its Associations are not-for-profit organizations working with producers to enhance and improve their operations through innovative field research and new technology.  News release >

Monday, September 20, 2010

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Jobs In Agriculture




Rural Development


Coming Events

Putting the Economics Back in the Home
Edmonton, Sept. 25  Details >

Lower Athabasca Region Consultations
Details on the various locations on  Coming Events >

Local Food Events Workshop
Vermilion, Sept. 28  Details >

Effects of Nutritional Information on Menus
Edmonton, Sept. 29  Details >

AHA! Clinic
Airdrie, Sept. 29  Details >

International Marketing Boot Camp
Edmonton, Sept. 30 - Oct. 1  Details >

Analyze This - Feed and Soil Testing
Castor, Oct. 5  Details >

Understanding Septic Systems
Westlock, Oct. 5  Details >

Understanding Septic Systems
Ardrossan, Oct. 6  Details >

Taking the Next Steps
Camrose, Oct. 21 - 23  Details >

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