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A Safe Farm is a Great Place to Grow!

Canadian Agricultural Safety Week, March 13 to 19, 2011, is a great way to kick-off your farm and community’s year-round farm safety awareness, education and training plans.
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Census of Agriculture - May 10, 2011

The Census of Agriculture provides a statistical portrait of Canada's agriculture industry and its farm operators and families. Read about what's new for the next Census of Agriculture, set for May 10, 2011, find answers to all your questions and get some tips for filling out your Census of Agriculture questionnaire, by visiting the 2011 Census of Agriculture website.
To see what farm operators said during the 2006 census, visit Alberta 2006 Census highlights on Alberta Agriculture's website. Printed copies of this factsheet (Agdex 852-5) are availble by calling the publications office, 1-800-292-5697.




Amendments Introduced to the Alberta Land Stewardship Act

Amendments to the Alberta Land Stewardship Act have been introduced in the Legislature. Sustainable Resource Development Minister Mel Knight discusses some of the highlights of the amendments, which he says were to clarify the original intent of the legislation.
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Unique program helps Alberta's Beef Producers Manage Price Risk and Uncertainty

Alberta cattle producers have help in managing price risk and uncertainty around the Canadian dollar as they prepare their calves for market. The Cattle Price Insurance Program (CPIP) has been expanded to include calves, the third cattle insurance program to become available within the CPIP suite of programs delivered by Alberta’s Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC).
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Broccoli and Cheddar Quiche with Mashed Potato Crust

Not just for breakfast, this hearty quiche makes a hearty meal anytime of the week. The Alberta Egg Producers’ website contains recipes, cooking tips, nutritional information and kids stuff – recipes, activities, games. For this and other recipes featuring Alberta eggs, visit Alberta Egg Producers.
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2011 Information Catalogue Hot off the Presses

The 2011 Information Catalogue has just been released by Alberta Agriculture’s information management division. Our own Ken Blackley joins us in studio with the details. To get a copy of the 2011 Information Catalogue call 1-800-292-5697 or visit the Publications page on Alberta Agriculture's website.
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Farm Financial Strategies Conference 2011

This one-day conference that will help producers position their farm for financial success is being held in Edmonton on March 23, 2011. Pre-registration is required. Further information and an agenda are posted on the conference website.


Global Food Safety Initiative

A one-day workshop, Introduction to GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) is being held in Calgary on March 22, and in Edmonton on March 24, 2011. The workshop will provide an opportunity to learn about the standards of each program and how decide which one works for businesses in the food supply chain. For more information, visit the Alberta Food Processors Association website.


Mission ImPULSEible

Mission ImPULSEible, student food production development competition, a pulse food product development competition for post-secondary students, is being held at NAIT in Edmonton on March 21, 2011. This competition is the provincial competition leading up to Pulse Canada’s competition in July 2011. This year the competition has eight teams registered from NAIT Culinary Arts, Lethbridge Community College, and the University of Alberta Food Science. To attend the competition, network with food processors and pulse industry contacts and learn about the potential for pulses as a healthy ingredient in a range of foods, RSVP by March 15, 2011, e-mail Michelle Lamer or call 403-275-5330.


Finding New Ways to Market Products

Farmers have to come up with different and unique ways of marketing not only their products, but themselves. That according to Don Ruzicka, of Sunrise Farm, who is one of the speakers at tomorrow’s Explore Local Foods/Local Markets workshop in Manning. Ruzicka says it’s important to connect with customers by showing them what they do on the farm, how they take care of the land, and how they produce the food. For more information on the Explore Local Foods/Local Markets workshop, contact Nora Paulovich at 780-836-3354.
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Jobs In Agriculture

Greenhouse Manager, Brooks

The Greenhouse Manager is a critical leadership position within Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development in managing the new state of the art greenhouse research facility that has just been built on the Crop Diversification Centre South (CDCS) research farm in Brooks, Alberta. Position will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.
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Surveillance Veterinarian

Reporting to the Head of the Epidemiology Section, you will work closely with the veterinarians and technical staff of the Alberta Veterinary Surveillance Network (AVSN). The position will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.
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Inoculation of Pulse Crops

Pulse crops have the ability to obtain significant amounts of their nitrogen requirement from the soil; however, the seed of the pulse crop must be inoculated with specific bacteria called Rhizobium (rhizobia) which converts the nitrogen in soil air to a plant useable form of nitrogen.
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Elite Barley: Canadian Malt Barley Grower Recognition Program

The Elite Barley program honors the best malt barley producers in Canada. Ten growers have been selected by the industry as nominees for the 2010 production year.
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Annual Greenfeed and Silage Estimates

Alberta Agriculture has released the greenfeed and silage grain marketing survey results. While greenfeed and silage yields were higher during the 2010 growing season, the total area harvested for greenfeed and silage in 2010 was estimated at 1.1 million acres, down 48 per cent from 2009.
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The Importance of Seed Testing

Now is the right time to be planning for the 2011 crop. Harry Brook, crop specialist at the Ag Info Centre says it’s important to get seed lined up ahead of time, especially if considering some of the newer varieties. For some crops, such as canola, most of the seed has already been spoken for, but there is still a lot of information that has to be sifted through to get ready for the new crop year. Brook says seed testing will be important this year.
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New-Pool Pricing Now Available for Wheat and Durum

Farmers now have the option of pricing their wheat and durum deliveries into the next crop year. Sign-up for new-pool pricing began with last week’s release of the first Canadian Wheat Board Pool Return Outlook for 2011-12. Kaitlin Miller, manager of sales strategy at CWB, explains why farmers may want to consider new-pool pricing. Fees, which change in response to market conditions, are posted daily on the CWB website.
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Alberta Forage Industry Network AGM

Forage is the largest “crop” acreage in Alberta and many producers and businesses, primary and secondary, depend on primary forage and grassland production for their livelihood. Representatives and producers from all sectors of “forages” are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting. The AGM is being held in Lacombe on Tuesday, March 15, 2011. This is the Alberta Forage Industry Network's first Annual General Meeting as a society. Take the opportunity to check out your Alberta Forage Industry (AFIN) website. Registration by e-mail is requested. There is a small $15 fee to cover lunch and coffee breaks.


Resources Available for Selecting Varieties

Harry Brook, crop specialist at the Ag Info Centre, talks about the importance of seed tests this year, for both germination and vigour. As well, he discusses the resources available when choosing varieties. Along with the varieties and sourcing seed, Brook says producers have to get other crop inputs lined up. Alberta Agriculture’s AFFIRM program is a useful tool to assess various fertility options producers may be considering for the upcoming crop year.
See the 2011 variety information by clicking on the links Varieties of Cereal and Oilseed Crops for Alberta and Varieties of Pulse Crops for Alberta.
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ALERT Line Serves Alberta’s Livestock Industry

The Alberta Farm Animal Care (AFAC) ALERT Line, 1-800-506-2273, is a 24-hour seven day a week confidential phone line that is available to assist producers who are experiencing problems in caring for their animals, or for anyone who is concerned animals might be in stress. Click the link to listen to the Call of the Land interview with ALERT coordinator, Pam Miller.
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Governments Help Peace Region Livestock Producers Access Feed

The Governments of Canada and Alberta will provide assistance through AgriRecovery to help livestock producers with transportation costs to access feed for their breeding herds.
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Grazing Management: Back to Basics

The basic principles of grazing management are used to help design a grazing system that will control the timing, intensity and frequency of defoliation of the forage plants in pastures. The Alberta Forage Manual can also be referenced for additional information on grazing management.
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The Equine Identification Document

In order to satisfy the European market, management changes have become a necessity for most horse owners. As these changes came into force, Canada introduced the Equine Identification Document, or EID. Doug Sawyer, Alberta Farm Animal Care chair, talks about the two purposes this document serves.
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Assessing Retaining Heifers

Last fall’s calf prices were the strongest in a decade. After seven years of depressed returns in the cow-calf sector, optimism seems to have returned. This optimism has some producers wondering whether it will pay to retain their heifers. Others are trying to decide if they should buy replacements. Ted Nibourg, business management specialist at the Ag Info Centre, says that some basic questions have to be answered before you can even look at the heifer issue.
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Specialists Available at the Ag Info Centre

The Ag Info Centre is a great source of information on a variety of topics. Barry Yaremcio, beef and forage specialist, is one of many specialists available to help those in the agriculture industry. Specialists at the Ag Info Centre can be reached by calling 310-FARM.
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The Importance of a National Traceability System

For the Canadian cattle industry, it’s important to understand the role traceability plays in taking advantage of the opportunities. Charlie Gracey, one of the speakers at Cow-Calfenomics 2011: Strategies Moving Forward, talks about traceability at this seminar for all cow/calf managers wanting to profit and build back equity. The seminars are being held March 8 in Claresholm, the March 9 in Hanna, and March 10 in Vermilion. To register, call Jacqueline at 780-416-6046.
 Listen to the interveiw with Gracey. >

Update on the West Nile Virus in Horses Surveillance

The 2010 report for West Nile Virus (WNV) was posted on March 3, 2011. While there have been no positive cases of West Nile Virus found in horses in Alberta, it is still important to know what to look for and have an understanding of the causes and symptoms of this disease as we head into spring. For more information about WNV in horses, please read the WNV Agri-Fact sheet.
 Click here to view the surveillance data. >

Alberta Enhancing Surveillance for Scrapie in Sheep and Goats

The Alberta Scrapie Prevalence Study (Program) will test approximately 2,000 samples collected from heads delivered by four selected abattoirs to the TSE laboratory in Edmonton over the course of 2.5 years. This study will determine the prevalence of scrapie in the healthy sheep population at slaughter.
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Alberta's Lamb Industry Expands

Alberta's lamb industry is leading the way in Canada’s lamb sector growth, partly due to a province-wide expansion campaign that saw a 2.3% growth in overall Alberta flock size in 2010. The increase in lamb production will help the industry meet increasing consumer demand. Margaret Cook, executive director of Alberta Lamb Producers, says that the industry is growing and modernizing, more new producers are coming on-stream, and others increase their flock size to improve profitability. As well in 2010, 53 cooperators in the province participated in the third year of the Alberta Lamb Traceability pilot project. Initial feedback has indicated clear benefits for producers from the use of radio frequency, RFID, systems.



Drought Report for the Agricultural Region of Alberta

The latest information on moisture, snow pack and precipitation accumulations and conditions in the province have been posted. This drought report summary contains information posted on February 28, and gives a current provincial moisture picture and links to additional weather data sites.
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Rural Development

Children’s Food Safety Activity Book

The Food Safety and Animal Health Division developed an educational activity book for the K-6 school aged kids and it’s now available as an online book. This educational resource helps kids learn about some basic food safety rules such as 'wash your hands', 'keep foods hot/cold', and 'cook it safely'. As well, kids can learn some interesting facts about agriculture in Alberta. This book also has some easy to follow recipes, some interesting statistics on livestock populations in Alberta, as well as a "Certificate of Participation" for kids to hang on their wall.
 Click here to view and download this online Activity Book. >

Ag Safety Week to launch at Peace Country Classic

Canadian Agricultural Safety Week officially launches year two of Canada’s ag safety campaign “Plan • Farm • Safety” in Grande Prairie at the Peace Country Classic Show, Evergreen Park on March 11, 2011.
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Dine Alberta Maps Online

Dine Alberta and savour regional flavour all year round. That’s the message that the Dine Alberta program wants Albertans to hear. Information and maps are available on the Dine Alberta website that includes a list of Alberta restaurants to help Albertans direct their dining dollars to Alberta’s great local producers and chefs who use home-grown foods to create Alberta cuisine.
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International Livestock Congress 2011 Student Program

The International Livestock Congress awards travel bursaries each year to senior level undergraduates and graduate students attending accredited colleges or universities. Students will participate in the event Sunday August 7 to Wednesday August 10, 2011 inclusive in Calgary, Alberta. Deadline to apply is June 1, 2011.
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Crop and Pastureland Lease and Rental 2010

The Custom Rate Survey, which presents data obtained by contacting producers and custom operators, lists actual 2010 charges. the intent of the survey is to provide producers with additional information to help with their farm management decisions.
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Coming Events

Webinar - Seed Quality Review 2011
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Who Gets the Farm and When
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ReLearning Community Series Viking 2011
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Smokey River Agricultural Trade Show
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Variable Rate Technology Workshop
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Wildrose Bison Convention, Show & Sale
Ponoka, March 18 - 19.  Details. >

CCIA - Today and Tomorrow - Workshop and Tradeshow
Fairview, March 22.  Details. >

Solar Lighting Demonstration
Lethbridge, March 23.  Details. >

Ceres Alberta Women's Fraternity presents Women In Agriculture 2011
Edmonton, March 25.  Details. >

Northlands Farm & Ranch Show
Edmonton, March 31 - April 2.  Details. >

Livestock Care Conference
Red Deer, April 6 - 7.  Details. >

17th Annual Agricultural Trade Show
Hines Creek, April 9.  Details. >

Calgary Stampede Aggie Days
Calgary, April 9 - 10.  Details. >

Creating Rural Connections
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