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Alberta Food For Health Award Winners

More healthy food products are on the shelves because of the efforts of three Alberta food producers and a University of Lethbridge researcher. All four were recognized for their work with a special Premier’s Award. Premier Ed Stelmach says through the annual Alberta Food for Health Awards, we are able to bring attention to the healthy and delicious home-grown choices made available to Albertans by Albertans. This year’s award recipients are: Spring Creek Ranch for healthy Alberta food sold through a retail outlet; the Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton for healthy Alberta food sold through food service; Gordon’s Homemade Sausage for healthy Alberta food for specialty diets; and the University of Lethbridge’s Dr. Roman Przybylski for healthy food and nutrition research.

Fruit and Vegetable Field Day

The summer Fruit and Vegetable Field Day is being held on Tuesday, June 21, 2011. The one-day event is designed for new and existing fruit and vegetable producers or those that are interested in the industry as a full day of information, discussion and networking. The underlying theme for this field day is water and irrigation, as well as fruit and vegetable production and marketing. At each fruit and vegetable field day, participants have found that there is great networking, lots of opportunity for questions and answers, and that the day provides a great environment to learn and share information with other participants. Pre-registration is requested, to help organizers arrange or lunch. To register, contact the Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association at 1-800-661-2642. Additional information and directions to the event are posted to the Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association website or Alberta Agriculture’s website under Coming Events.


Edmonton – Weed Pull in Mill Creek

Garlic Mustard, a prohibited noxious weed listed in the Alberta Weed Control Act, has been found in the Mill Creek area of Edmonton. This invasive plant can suppress native vegetation, and to prevent this from happening, the Edmonton Naturalization Group and the City of Edmonton have organized a week pull. Garlic mustard is easy to pull, no special equipment is needed, just the helping hands of concerned volunteers. The weed pull is being held on June 11, from 9:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. Volunteers are asked to meet at the corner of 91 Street and 77 Avenue. Bring gloves and gardening knee pads if you wish. Light snacks and water will be provided. For more information, call Diana Baragar at 780-469-5626.


Farmers’ Advocate Jim Kiss Bids Farewell

After six and a half years as the Farmers’ Advocate for the province of Alberta, Jim Kiss has decided to seek new challenges and opportunities.

Bean, Barley and Almond Salad

Add a little twist to your bbq offerings by making a salad that is unique in so many ways. Barley is nutritious and delicious. So this summer, give this and other barley recipes a try. The Alberta Barley Commission has many recipes posted to their website.
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Pest Corner

Pest Update

Scott Meers, insect management specialist with Alberta Agriculture provides his weekly update on the pest situation in the province.
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New Format Makes Alberta Management Insights Easier to Use

To make the risk management tool, Alberta Management Insights (AMI) information easierfor Albertans to access and use, the reporting interface was changed and is now available in a new dynamic, responsive operational format.
 Click here to read the Agri-News article. >

Machinery Cost Calculator

Producers asked to do some custom work for neighbours will often use the custom rate survey summary as a guide; however, there are times when they would like a rate that reflects their own situation, and that is when they turn to the Machinery Cost Calculator. Ted Nibourg, farm business management specialist with Alberta Agriculture spoke on this subject in a recent Call of the Land interview.
 Read the agri-news article. >

Canada-China Agriculture and Food Development Exchange Centre

The Canada-China Agriculture and Food Development Exchange Centre (CCAgr) has started producing a bi-weekly newsletter to provide readers with new and exciting information pertaining to CCAgr projects and activities. Click here to link to the May 26 e-newsletter and visit the CCAgr site.


Does A Surface Lease Expire?

This factsheet is a review of risk management strategies addressing landowner concerns regarding subsurface title leases for exploration and production development. Landowners designing negotiation strategies will want to collect the information needed to ensure that the negotiations are fair and that any risk involved can be managed.

Safe Food Production and Processing Systems

The Safe Food Systems section of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, focuses on safe food production and processing systems and supporting market access for Alberta’s agriculture and food industry. The webpage for this section includes information about their key initiatives, programs and activities.
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Meat Processing Business Benefits from Growing Forward Funding

A meat processing business has benefited from Growing Forward funding under the Food Safety program. Daryl Loback, manager of Growing Forward’s Food Safety programs, talks about this success story in a recent Call of the Land interview. For more information on Growing Forward programs, call the Ag-Info Centre at 310-FARM.
 Listen to the interview. >

Jobs In Agriculture

Greenhouse Manager, Brooks

The Greenhouse Manager is a critical leadership position within Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development in managing the new state-of-the-art greenhouse research facility at the Crop Diversification Centre South (CDCS) research farm in Brooks, Alberta. This position will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.
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Using Cover Crops for Weed Management in Field Vegetable Crops

A new sustainable crop protection factsheet is now available from the Pest Management Centre’s pesticide risk reduction program. To view the electronic version of this factsheet, visit Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s website and  click on the Pest Management Centre link or type ‘field vegetable production: using cover crops for week management’ in the search field.


Irrigation Management in Alberta

Irrigation in Alberta has grown significantly in the last decade. Historically, it has increased from an irrigated area of approximately 182,000 ha in 1950 to more than 600,000 ha in 2011. The management of the irrigation system as well as the entire philosophy about irrigation sufficiency have changed with changes in irrigation methods. Information on surface irrigation, wheel-move irrigation, centre pivot irrigation, and how to check and monitor soil water, is posted to the irrigation management in Alberta webpage on Alberta Agriculture’s website.


New Contracts from ICE

ICE Futures Canada, formerly the Winnipeg Commodity Exchange, says it is preparing for the end of the Canadian Wheat Board's monopoly. ICE Futures is creating three new contracts, one for spring wheat, another for durum and a revamped contract for barley, in anticipation of the change. Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz says he wants to end the Wheat Board's single desk selling authority for the 2012-13 crop year. ICE CEO Brad Vannan says they hope to launch the contracts well before the August 2012 target. 


Tour to Oregon's Grass Seed Production Region

The Peace Region Forage Seed Association is organizing a tour to Oregon’s seed production region. David Wong, market specialist with Alberta Agriculture provided the details in a recent Call of the Land interview. For more information, contact David Wong at 780-538-5289 or Sandra at the Peace Region Forage Seed Association at 1-877-630-2198.
 Click here to listen to the interview. >

Farmers can now renew their Canadian Wheat Board Delivery Permit

As of June 1, farmers can renew their Canadian Wheat Board delivery permit. Jordan Adamchuk, a Canadian Wheat Board account representative, says it's important for farmers to renew as soon as possible. Producers must have an active Wheat Board delivery permit, a signed delivery contract before they can receive a cash ticket for grain at the elevator. More information on delivery permits.
 Click here to listen to the interview. >


Tree, Shrub and Rose Varieties for Alberta Shelterbelts

Several shelterbelt factsheets available on Alberta Agriculture’s website have been updated, including poplar, willow, spruce, chokecherry, lilac and rose varieties. These factsheets provide information such as plant characteristics, site preference, and other informative tips beneficial to Albertans who are planning to establish a shelterbelt or enhance an existing shelterbelt.
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Water Treatment

Albertans looking for information on water quality and groundwater treatment can find several factsheets and information on best management practices all in one place. From information on water wells, removing hydrogen sulphide gas from water, water systems, water softening and cistern storage, there is information at your fingertips.
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Rural Development

Funding to Help Connect and Diversify Rural Communities

The Alberta government has approved 28 new projects that will create economic opportunities and improve access to high-speed broadband services in rural communities.

Rural Development

For a description of exactly what rural development in Alberta looks like and to view information on some of the projects Alberta’s vibrant sustainable communities are involved in, as well as information on programs and funding, research and statistics, visit the Rural Development webpage.
 Click here to

Rural Development Strategies in Alberta

There are a range of approaches and strategies that communities can use for rural development. These include, but are not limited to, environmental stewardship combined with nature related recreation and tourism; building on unique assets and strengths; the use of technology; and, regional collaboration and partnership. These approaches have been demonstrated by many communities in Alberta. Some examples of recent initiatives have been posted to Alberta Agriculture’s website.
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Food Science and Technology Program

The Food Science and Technology Program is located at Alberta Agriculture’s Crop Diversification Centre (South) in Brooks. Staff at this facility conduct applied research in post-harvest handling, storage and value-added processing of horticultural and special crops. They also provide technical leadership to ensure that Alberta companies have the specialized knowledge and capabilities to compete globally.
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Monday, June 06, 2011

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Coming Events

Wetaskiwin Rawhide Rodeo
Wetaskiwin, June 10 -12  Details. >

Brazeau County Fair
Drayton Valley, June 11 - 12  Details. >

Crop Walk
Forestburg, June 16  Details. >

Canola Crop Walk
Lethbridge, June 16.  Details. >

Alberta Provincial Plowing Match
Wanham, June 18 - 20  Details. >

Buffalo Daze Rodeo
Buffalo, June 18  Details. >

Crop Walk
Lethbridge, June 23  Details. >

Wildrose Miniature Horse Show
Olds, June 24 - 26  Details. >

AEF Horsemanship Clinic
Priddis, June 25  Details. >

AEF Photography Workshop
Priddis, June 25  Details. >

5th International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations
Edmonton, June 27 -29  Details. >

Youth Conference on Responsible Tourism - What will travel look like in 20 years?
Edmonton, June 27.  Details. >

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